Why I should buy a Verde hand dryer

  1. Our Verde hand dryers are a very fast solution to drying hands. The Maxi dries hands in 10 seconds or under, while the Mini dries hand in 10-12 seconds.
  2. This fast drying time means a lot less electricity is used per dry than traditional hot air hand dryers which can take up to 43 seconds or more to dry hands. Our dryers are up to 3 times more energy efficient than conventional hand dryers.
  3. The Verde hand dryer is much quieter than the leading competitor. This makes it far more acceptable in the majority of work places and public venues that a hand dryer is required. Independent Australian testing rates our hand dryers at 67-69 dB.
  4. The Verde hand dryer has a Water Drainage tank built in, which captures all the excess water so there are no messy, slippery or hazardous puddles on the floor beneath the hand dryer.
  5. The Verde hand dyers are made from recyclable plastics. So at the end of their very long working life, most of their components can be recycled to lessen the impact on the environment.
  6. The Verde hand dryer is up to 80% more cost effective than paper towels.
  7. Paper towels leave bathrooms constantly messy and “invite” vandals to clog sinks and toilets. Paper towels require constant refilling and are therefore more labour intensive.
  8. Paper towels create a far greater impact on the environment. Paper towels cannot be recycled therefore add to landfill.
  9. Paper towels are continuously trucked around the country to retail outlets and end users, adding to the pollution of the atmosphere and green house gasses.
  10. The Verde Hand dryers have a modern, clean design.

Hand dryers or paper towel

The following information is gleaned from a number of internet sites that compare superfast air speed hand dryers (such as the Verde Solutions hand dryers) to paper towels and traditional warm air hand dryers.

When it comes to hand dryers and paper towels, the studies found across the web rarely prove anything. Why? The hand dryers used in the studies are old news models of years ago. The truth is, paper doesn't stand a chance when it comes to the new technology used in today's turbo fast dryers. In fact, new studies have recently surfaced proving bacteria lives in paper towel. Did you know damp hands spread up to 1,000 more times bacteria than dry hands? How many times have you entered a public restroom and witnessed masses of damp, unhygienic, paper towel overflowing from the trash cans and scattered across the floors? Have you seen clogged toilets stuffed with paper towels in bars, clubs, schools, or other restrooms? Have you tried to dry your hands only to find the paper towel dispenser is either broken or just out of paper? People start relying on wiping the water off on their pants, and touching objects such as door handles with damp hands. Worse yet, peoples' hands are still damp outside the restroom, and bacteria are spread throughout the building.

The clear solution is high speed hand dryers such as the Verde Solutions hand dryers. These high speed, energy efficient hand dryers all have a few things in common: They eliminate unhygienic paper towel mess, they eliminate vandalism from clogged toilets, they reduce costs in paper towel supplies, and they reduce bacteria or germs by drying hands completely in 10-15 seconds.

New studies are coming out every day proving cloth and paper towels in restrooms are not as hygienic as once believed. When reading studies over the internet, pay very close attention to the source and the hand dryer used in the comparison. Most studies are inaccurate because old hand dryers are almost always used. Machines that take too long to dry hands, or just didn't work in the first place. The tests and comparisons are biased and irrelevant from the start.

When choosing hand dryers or paper towel, one must consider several factors such as:

  1. Cost savings add up annually over paper costs
  2. Cost savings add up with less maintenance
  3. Energy Savings
  4. Hygiene
  5. Reducing vandalism such as clogged toilets
  6. Preserving the environment
  7. Saving trees, water, land-fill space
  8. Conserving resources from paper production operations such as pulping
  9. Saving fuel costs from heavy transit operations
  10. Creating happy customers and restroom users
  11. What does one do when the paper has run out of the dispenser?
  12. The life expectancy of most quality, durable hand dryers are 7-10 years.
  13. Hand Dryers do require resources to build, and they do use resources and energy. However, paper products use far more resources and require constant costs in transportation operations as trucks transport high volumes of paper towel around the world.
  14. Recycled paper saves some resources. However, recycled paper can only be used once and still ends up creating land-fill space.
  15. Recycled paper houses more bacteria than virgin paper.

The pay back time in cost savings of paper towel for a hand dryer is just a few months (depending on use).

See the table below to help you work out the cost savings of the Verde Solutions hand dryers compared to paper towel.
The figures below assume 100 uses per day. Your cost savings will increase as the number of uses per day increases.
The figures below do Not take in to account the added cost of having someone order the paper towels, clean the restrooms from paper towel litter, disposal of the paper towel and refilling the paper towel dispenser. When you take these costs into consideration, your savings become even greater!

Cost of electricity - Verde Maxi hand dryer

*The Verde Maxi figures are calculated with the settings on Fast speed and Heat. Savings are even greater when set to low speed and no heat. 

Cost of electricity - Verde Mini hand dryer