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Verdé Solutions was founded in 2011; on the basis in fulfilling a defined need to provide a range of innovative, economical electric hand dryer product. Our design consultants worked closely with international designers and manufacturers, to Australian Standards, in developing and settling on what has become a compact range offering of high efficiency and cost-effective hand drying solutions for diverse washroom applications.

Customer service

Our attention to achieving best practise in all our activities extends to providing optimal customer service at all times. By giving our customers the premium service they deserve, we help ensure our products deliver absolute satisfaction throughout their long working life.


Nepean School use & recommend Verde Hand Dryers.

“During 2017, The Victorian Government installed new accessible toilets at Nepean School. As part of this building project Verde Hand Dryers were installed in all new bathrooms. Initially some of our staff believed that hand dryers may scare some of our students (with additional needs), preventing students from using the hand dryers & maintaining a preference for paper towel to dry their hands. Conversely, we have found that our students love the easily accessible Verde Hand Dryers & look forward to using them to dry their hands. The amount of paper towel waste we produce has decreased enormously. As part of our waste reduction program, we have made the decision to install Verde Hand Dryers into all bathrooms across the school. The staff from Verde have been incredibly informative & helpful in our dealings with them & have gone above & beyond to ensure that our school received good value, purpose built products with extended warranties. Thank you Michael & Anthony, we truly appreciated the helpful way you worked with us.’”

Carolyn Gurrier-Jones, Principal - Nepean School


“We have had Verde hand dryers installed at our premises for over 6 months and in that time they have not only saved us money from not buying paper towels but also eliminated the mess and the constant need to clean up after people.  I would thoroughly recommend them.”

John Anderson, Australian Medical Couches


“We had the Verde Hand Dryer installed in our clinic.  It is super quick, super quiet and such a versatile addition to our bathroom.  No more paper towel mess”

Deb Hampton, Admin Manager – Sandringham Sports Medicine


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your company. We have found the Verdé hand dryers one of our best investments in a long time.

We have noticed a huge saving on cleaning costs and time. The response from our customers has been fantastic.

I would highly recommend them to any restaurant that expects modern, clean bathrooms.

Again I would like to thank you and the team at Verdé Solutions.

Robert, Manager – Omeros Brothers Restaurant

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Village Cinemas   Sunbury Bus Service    BP